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FIELD: Environmental Management
Field code: 125
I.                   Objectives:
Program has been constructed to educate Environmental Engineers who have professional knowledge and practical skills in management of environment. Program has integrated subjects of environmental science and environmental technique beside the core subjects of environmental management.
Graduated students expect to have wide-range understanding and knowledge of related-environment and natural resources as well as have ability in mornitoring and analysing environmental quality, and deal with environmental protection in particular organization or in public sector following sustainability.
II.    Content of educational program:
II .1. Total credits required: 145 credits (including 06 credits of Physics & National Defense Education)including:
A. General education ( 58 Credits) = 40%
A.1. General (Politics, Language, Physics, National Defense Education etc.)
        :                                                                        27   credits  -  19 %
A.2. Maths and Natural science:                        25   credits - 18 %
A.3. Social science:                                              06   credits -  4 %
BProfessional Education ( 61 credits) = 43%
B.1.  Subjects of Environmental Field:                17 credits - 12 %
B.2. Subjects of Major:                                            28 credits - 20 %
B.3. Additional subjects and professional practices               06 credits- 04 %
B.4. Thesis                                                               10 credits - 07.%.
C. Optional education  ( 21 credits)  = 15%
C.1. Optional subjects in general education:                                03 credits - 2 %
C.1. Optional subjects in professional education:                       18 credits - 13%
Students could select program for their own basing on consulting of Academic Consultant following above program.
II. 2. Framework of Educational Program
Framework of educational program
Số TC: Total credits of subject
LT: Credits of theory
BT: Credits of exercise/practice
TL: Credits of dicussion
TH: Practice, Lab, Field trip,...                  
(* ) Requirement of previous subjects

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