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The Department of EM has been formed in very first time of the Faculty of Environmental Technology (currently is part of Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources). Department is responding in educating and conducting researches related to environmental management. The educational program has been formulated and constructed for educating Environmental Management engineers, at bachelor degree, with both theorical background, which also including subjects of environmental science and environmental technologies, and practical approaches in reality in environmental management. In addition, Department of EM also contributes to the other Departments both in Faculty, University and other partners.

 Responsibilities of Department of EM

·        Formulate and construct educational program related to its field;

·        Advise students conduct scientific researches related to its orientations; 

·     Study and cooperate with other organizations such as govermental organizations and international organizations in conducting researches, projects related to management of enviroment and natural resources.

·        Study, consult and transform researches, projects related to environmental management, cleaner production (CP), environmental management system following ISO 14001:2004, the management system of Health - Safety - Environment folloing OHSAS 18001:2007, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), management of resources, management of solid & hazardous wastes, and environmental planning etc.

·        Respond to training programs of CP, Waste management, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000 etc. 


Educational program:

Students have been educated by the Credit System since 2008.

The total amount of credits is required: 140 credits (including 06 credits of Physics and National Defense & Security Education) as following:

·        General education ( 58 credtis) = 42%

·        Required education  ( 61 credits) = 43%

·        Elective education ( 21 credits) = 15%


No. of credit



General education




General courses




Maths, the Natural science




The Social science and the Humanity 




Professional education




Education related to field of study




Education related to major of study




Supportive and practical education








Elective education




Elective courses in general education




Professional courses in professional education







Students of Department of EM

·        Since 2009, there is average of 50 students graduated annually.

The graduated sudents have owned the following skils and/or knowlegde:

·        Understand the fundamental of biological, physical and chemical progresses with environmental perspective and their impacts on environment as well as human.

·        Understand the value of natural resources & analytical capacity of changing trends from human activities and managerial solutions.

·       Have ability in understanding environmental technologies that deal with management of water, wastewater, solid waste, hazardous waste and air pollution both in public & private sectors.

·        Understand & have applicability of environemntal laws & regulations both in public sectors such as DONREs and in enterprises as pollution sources.

·        Could able to apply principles of pollution control  and improve effectiveness of enviromental management both in public & private sectors as well as application of effective tools in environmental management such as ISO 14000, Clean Production etc. 

·        Could able to apply economic tools in environmental management and pollution control as well as protection of natural resources.

·        Understad about renewable energy and solutions of GHGs reduction following Clean Development Mechanism projects.

·        Have knowledge in related sectors of Public Health, Safety, Emergency etc.


Potential working opportunities of graduated students:

·        Responsible to environmental management and/or occupational health and safety in industrial factories.

·     Responsible as Public authorities in Departments of Natural Resources & Environment (DONREs), in Department of Science & Technology or in other environment-related sectors.

·        Working as reseachers in environment-related institutes and/or research centers;

·        Working in educational sector from university to college and/or professional education.


Focussed themes of research:

·        Efficiency in using of natural resources & energy.

·        Reducing of waste generation.

·        Establishing & Implementing of policies & tools in pollution prevention.

·       Environmental impact assessment.

·        Environmental carrying capcity.

·        Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

·        Climate change: impacts, mitigation and adaptation.


Conducted conferences:

·        Conference “Đánh giá tiềm năng tiển khai các dự án Cơ chế phát triển sạch (CDM) tại Tp. HCM - Overview the Potentiality of Developing Clean Development Mechanism Projects in Hochiminh City” on 25/04/2007 with 120 attendants. Held by the collaboration of Environmental Management Department, Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) of Ho Chi Minh City and Recycle Fund of Ho Chi Minh City (REFU);

·        Conference “Clean development mechanism – Project development principle and experience” on 10, 11/01/2008 with 100 participants. Held by collaboration of Environmental Management Department, REFU and DNV China.

·        Conference  “Cơ chế phát triển sạch (CDM). Tổng quan, nhận diện và phát triển dự án – Clean Development Mechanism. Overview, Project indentification & Development”  on 29/04/2008 with 100 participants from public organiztions in the South of Vetnam and donors.

·        Conference “Định hướng phát triển dự án Cơ chế phát triển sạch (CDM) trên địa bàn tỉnh An Giang - Orientation of Development of CDM in An Giang Province” on 15/11/2008 with 60 participants from public sectors in An Giang province.


Conducted projects:

ISO 14000:

·       Fuji Impulse Company in 2006.

·       Natural Choice Co.Ltd in 2007.


·     Consultation for project “Wastewater treatment with Anaerobic Digester at Truong Thinh starch processing plant in Tay Ninh, Vietnam” at Suối Ngô Commune, Tân Châu, Tây Ninh province; approved by EB in 2009.

·        Consultation for project “Wastewater treatment with Anaerobic Digester at Viet Ma starch processing plant in Tay Ninh,Vietnam” at Tân Hiệp Commune, Tân Châu, Tây Ninh province; approved by EB in 2009.

·        Collaborated with Korean Consultant - ECOEYE & RE-TECH SOLUTIONS in consultant for project “Dong Thanh Landfill gas CDM Project in Ho Chi Minh City”, approved by EB in 2009.

·       Collaborated with Korean Consultant - ECOEYE & RE-TECH SOLUTIONS in consultant for project “Phuoc Hiep I sanitary Landfill gas CDM project in Ho Chi Minh City”,approved by EB in 2009.

Ongoing Project:

Consulting of CDM projects

·        Project “Wastewater treatment with Anaerobic Digester at Wusons starch processing plant in Binh Phuoc,Vietnam” at Minh Tâm Commune, Hớn Quản, Bình Phước Province.

·        Project “Wastewater treatment with Anaerobic Digester at Truong Hung starch processing plant in Tay Ninh,VietnamThạnh Đông commune, Tân Châu, Tây Ninh province.


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