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Faculty of Environment & Natural Resources

Nong Lam University - Ho Chi Minh City (HCM) - Vietnam

Tel: Office (+84 28) 37220723        Dean (+84 28) 37220291     Fax:(+84 28) 38960713




The Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources has been founded since 2009 as combination of Faculty of Environmental Technology (2001), Department of Horticulture & Landscaping, (2002) and Department of Applications of Geographic Information System (2006). Currently, Faculty of Enviornment and Natural Resources includes 5 Departments:

1.      Department of Environmental Management

2.      Department of Environmental Technology

3.      Department of Horticulture & Landscaping

4.      Department of Natural Resources & Geographic Information System

5.      Department of Environmental Science

Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources has been responding to 09 majors of Bachelor Degree as following:

1.        Environmental Technology

2.        Environmental Management

3.        Management of Natural Resources & Eco-Tourism

4.        Horticulutre & Lanscaping

5.        Landscaping Design

6.       Geographic Information System (GIS)

7.       Environmental Information

8.   Environmental Sciences

9.  Environmental Science and Management (in collaboration with Newcastle University - Australia and the Degree will be delivered by Newcastle University)


  • Faculty is currently conducting 01 Doctoral Program for Management of Natural Resources and Environmnet; 02 Graduate Program for Master Degree of Management of Natural Resources and Environment; Environmental Engineering


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