MONTUS come directly after TORUS Erasmus+ capacity building program (2015-2018) with the ambition of to develop research on cloud computing in the environmental sciences and promote its education – creation of a dedicated master, Hanoi – in the countries of South East Asian partners.

Initiated and driven by Professor Dominique Laffly, Geographer, university of Toulouse, MONTUS is one of six French projects selected among the 147 selected for than 874 candidatures. One million euros will be financed by the European Union in the framework of Erasmus + Capacity Building.

Funded for 3 years, gathered around the University of Toulouse 2 Jean Jaures, the National school of architecture (ENSA Toulouse), the International School of Information Processing Sciences (EISTI, Pau campus), University of Ferrara in Italy, university Brussels Vrije, Faculty of Engineering an Technology of Vietnam National University (Hanoi), the Hanoi Architectural University, the Nong Lam university of Ho Chi Minh City, the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT – Pathumthani, Thailand), the Walailak University (Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand) and two Cambodian institution in Phnom Penh: the Royal University of Fine Art and the Institute of Technology of Cambodia. Three associated partners join MONTUS: French Agency of Francophonie (AUF – Asia Pacific, Hanoi), Meteorological Environment Earth Observation (MEEO – Italy), Institute of Agriculture and Environment (IAE, Hanoi) and HUPI cloud computing society (France). In total it’s 60 permanent members who will work for MONTUS during three years with height workshops alternatively in Europe and in Asia.


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