Introduction to the Natural Resources and Ecotourism Program
The Natural Resources and Ecotourism program (developed from the major of Natural Resources Management and Ecotourism) provides basic knowledge of natural sciences, knowledge of biochemical and physical processes. in the environment, grasp the mechanisms of action in the environment, ecosystems and natural resources; human-induced fluctuations and solutions to manage rational use and minimize resource depletion; have a basic understanding of ecosystems and the interactions of their components; has a wide knowledge of issues related to the environment, resources & ecotourism, solves problems related to environmental protection in establishments or territories.

Students are equipped with skillful and agile communication skills, good and positive responses to unexpected situations; be able to recognize environmental problems; Ability to work independently as well as in a team; skills in conservation biology, tourism geography, landscape management, tourism management, planning for sustainable ecotourism development, capable of building, managing and implementing projects on construction embellish the landscapes for ecotourism or guide ecotourism and related services.

After graduation, students can work at Departments of Tourism, travel service companies, eco-tourism areas, resorts, national parks, nature reserves, biosphere reserves, etc. historic district,…. or have conditions to set up ecotourism service companies on their own.

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