Introduction of the Information System program
Training objectives:

Training high-quality, competitive human resources in the field of Information Systems based on geospatial technology, keeping up with trends in science and technology, meeting the needs of socio-economic development, natural resource management, environmental monitoring, disaster warning, climate change mitigation and adaptation in Vietnam. Besides basic knowledge and solid expertise, students also practice self-study skills, critical thinking, scientific research, working as well as cultivating professional ethics and positive attitude in a global society. After completing the training program, students have the ability to analyze, design, develop, and deploy information system solutions to support operational and management activities in socio-economic organizations as well as to solve urgent issues such as building e-government infrastructure, developing smart cities, and smart agricultural production.

Career opportunity:

Graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to undertake jobs such as surveying, consulting, implementing, developing, operating, maintaining and upgrading and improving information systems in government agencies, companies, non-governmental organizations, universities, research institutes.
More specifically, the popular job positions in Information Systems such:
- Business Analyst,
- Systems Analyst,
- Business Intelligence Analyst,
- Business Application Developer/System Developer,
- IT Consultant,
- Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant,
- Database Analyst/Administrator,
- Network Administrator,
- Technical Support Specialist,
- IT Development Project Leader,
- Information Systems Manager,
- CIO – Chief Information Officer,
- Researcher, lecturer.

Ability to study higher education after graduation:
After completing the undergraduate program in Information Systems, students can continue to study graduate programs (Master, Ph.D.) in Information Systems and other related/closed majors in domestic universities or study abroad.

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