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Welcome assessors from AUN-QA to review four programme of Nong Lam University - Ho Chi Minh City

From July 4 to 8, 2022, the educational quality assessment team from the Southeast Asian University Network (AUN-QA) will evaluate 04 training programs of Nong Lam University - Ho Chi Minh City, including Environmental Engineering hosted at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources. This is the 282nd assessment of AUN and the 3rd time at Nong Lam University - Ho Chi Minh City.

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Vietnam is in the period of accelerating industrialization - modernization of the country, development and integration with the world. Besides achievements in socio-economic development, science and technology, Vietnam has also constantly improved and improved the quality of the environment.


Nong Lam Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was born in that development trend with the desire to contribute to making Vietnam a green, clean, friendly country and accompany the sustainable development of the country.

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Faculty of Environment & Natural Resources - Nong Lam University - Ho Chi Minh City - Block 6, Linh Trung ward, Thu Duc District - Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam: Tel: (+84 8)37220723 - Dean office: (+84 8) 37220291 Website:http://env.hcmuaf.edu.vn

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