The Landscape and Environmental Horticulture Program

Training Objectives

The general objective of the LEH program is to train high-quality human resources who are good at theory and practice to be able to take up management positions not only in state management offices but also in many types of enterprises specializing in design, planning, construction, management, and maintenance in landscape and garden.
The specific objective is that learners can well apply their knowledge of landscape planning and design to carry out practical landscape projects, applying specialized knowledge about landscape plants, physiology plants, landscape infrastructure, trees & plants design, garden art, integrated pest and disease management of ornamental flowers, landscape project management for construction and maintenance of landscape projects and ornamental flower production.

Output standard

In addition to basic and professional knowledge, learners also practice self-study, brainstorming, scientific research, domestic and foreign working skills as well as professional ethics and passion for this career, a positive attitude to adapt to the changes in engineering and technology following the trend of globalization.
The LEH program involves knowledge on planning, design, construction, landscape management, and ornamental flower production such as: landscape flora physiology, landscape flora, landscape project management, material and nutrition plant, breeding ornamental flowers and plants, landscape illustration, principles of landscape design, landscape planning, landscape design projects, landscape planning projects, urban forestry, landscape ecology, trees & plant design, garden art, landscape construction, landscape management and maintenance, landscape infrastructure, GIS application in landscape management, orchid planting techniques, landscape materials, ornamental flower breeding, estimation in landscape, pests and diseases of ornamental flowers, flower growing techniques, bonsai and ornamental plant techniques, introduction to landscape architecture, contemporary landscape architecture, applied graphics, aquatic plants, visual arrangement, general art, graphic geometry, meteorology, experimental methods, project construction methods, garden feng shui, green infrastructure, gcotourism, aquarium, biodiversity and landscape conservation, professional internships and curriculum internships.
To develop the LEH program, the drafting team consulted the training programs of other countries and prestigious training schools in Landscape and Horticulture at domestic and foreign: Michigan State University (USA) ), University of Queensland (Australia), the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Academy of Agriculture.
In addition, the drafting team also consulted experts who are working in landscape and gardens, architecture, agriculture, construction, and management at some landscape companies, departments, and agencies. The program ensures the standard of knowledge and skills in landscape and garden, meeting the needs of connecting with Architecture, Construction, Agriculture, Environment as well as high-level training.  
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Job opportunities

LEH Engineers have the ability to research, design, construct, and management of the fields of landscape and garden, and have opportunities for career development at domestic and foreign consulting, training, research, or production agencies such as:
- Office of Chief Architect, Department of Planning and Architecture, Department of Transport, Department of Construction, and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.
- Parks & Trees companies, Public Works management companies.
- Construction companies, architectural and landscape design companies.
- Companies producing cut and potted flowers, producing and trading flower seeds, agricultural supplies, flowers, bonsai, orchids, and ornamental plant farms.
- Real estate companies, residential areas.
- Resort, industrial parks.
- Golf course.
- National Parks, Nature Reserves, Biosphere Reserves, and Historic Sites.
- Ecotourism companies.
- Start-up companies for landscape design, construction, maintenance, and production - trading flowers and ornamental plants.

Why LEH?

- Actual demand for abundant human resources for design consultancy, planning, construction, management, and maintenance of landscape & garden; Research or projects about investment and development related landscapes, ornamental flowers farms.
- LEH program is regularly updated knowledge according to international and professional practice in domestic.
- The ability to develop independently and collaborate in teamwork through theoretical lessons theory, practice, practice, and project.
- Practical skills are trained and developed through field trips, design and planning projects, and professional internships.
- LEH Engineers can study Master's and Doctor programs in domestic as well as internationally such as USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, Hungary, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

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