About the job

Senior Market Development Executive

Your Tasks And Responsibilities

  • Curate, review, compile and maintain all licenses for Environmental Science Mekong portfolio with the corresponding authorities.
  • Curate, review, compile and maintain all import/export, production, manufacturing licenses for Environmental Science products
  • Maintain all regulatory databases with current technical and dossier compilation submitted, or to be submitted to authorities.
  • Protect IP, business intelligence and business continuity by good record and proper document handling of Bayer's secret.
  • Advise on external and internal factors that could impact product licenses.
  • Work closely with Market development Manager to create, coordinate, conduct, evaluate and constantly with Market development manager updating effective and relevant training programs/workshops/ seminars for internal and external teams and stakeholders. Ensure that all technical programs, recommendations, and activities proposed, implemented, and tracked are compliant to local regulations, Bayer's policy and stewardship standards, and international laws and standards, where and as they apply. importantly gaining deep understanding of customers' and competitors' current programs/practices and needs (at all levels, and from both technical and non-technical needs.
  • Be part of the Market Development team for ES-TH and Mekong cluster and regional technical expert teams work closely on project developments, field and laboratory trials on key regional and global technical experiments and projects. Coordinate with relevant parties to execute products trial (oriental, registration, marketing).
  • Responsible for establishing and defining project targets implementing and tracking progress of all products, innovations with Market Development Manager. Work closely with team on key indicators and maximize project's opportunities within project scope.
  • Content development for editorial and being one of the voices promoting ES business. Create, implement, and ensure the product label are line with regulatory, stewardship, standard and Bayer’s branding and meet with sales forecast.
  • Coordinate with Market development manager and Commercial Lead for Customer/Distributor visit, handle customer request/claim, related to technical issue.
Who You Are
  • Bachelor’s in science (Biology, Agriculture, Entomology, or other related fields).
  • Minimum work experience: 3 years
  • High level of understanding on the working of the regulatory bodies in VN and Mekong countries and the full product registration processes.
  • Experienced and successful in submission and registering products with the VN and Mekong countries regulatory bodies.
  • Capacity to have complete understanding of technical white papers, regulatory dossiers, local regulatory laws and registration requirement, and other technical documents.
Application Period: 06/30/2021 to 08/15/2021 Reference Code: 440803

Division: Crop Science Location: Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City : Ho Chi Minh City

Functional Area: Regulatory Affairs Position Grade: unknown

Employment Type: Work Time: 40 hours

Contact Us

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Bayer Vietnam Ltd.

Human Resources Vietnam

106 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Phu Nhuan District

70000 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam +63 85485800 anh.nguyen8.ext@bayer.com

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